Important Facts About Replacement Windows

Finding replacement windows for your Coto de Caza home can either feel inspiring or completely overwhelming. On one hand, replacement windows are a great way to enhance the look, feel, and affordability of your home. However, if you don’t know what to look for (or even where to start), the process might leave you with less than quality replacement windows. Take a deep breath and don’t worry! At All American Door Inc, it’s important to us that you bring home the replacement windows of your dreams, which is why we’ve put together a list of facts that will help you with the buying process. Read on to start shopping for your replacement windows like an industry pro.

All Replacement Windows are Not Created Equal
First the good news, there has never been a better time to find the perfect replacement windows for your home thanks to a market filled to the brim with options. The bad news? There are some low quality options mixed in with ideal choices. Among the many important decisions you’ll make to weed out the lower quality choices is the decision as to what material your replacement windows will carry. Currently the most popular replacement window materials on the market are vinyl, fiberglass, wood and aluminum. Each option comes with their own sets of benefits and disadvantages, like price, maintenance and energy efficiency. By taking some time to know each material, you’ll have a higher chance of finding the choice that best suits your home.

Everything You Need to Know is On the Label
Two replacement windows can look exactly the same to the naked eye, which is why it’s so important to check the label to get more information when comparing your options. The label on a replacement window will tell you everything from whether or not the window is ENERGY STAR preferred to what it’s U-factor is. It’s important to remember that the U-factor of a replacement window is a rating similar to the miles per gallon on a car and the lower the U-factor, the better it’s insulating capabilities.

Price Doesn’t Mean Everything
While shopping for jewelry or luxury cars, price is typically a strong indication of quality. However, when it comes to replacement windows, this isn’t always the case. There are plenty of replacement windows that have a reasonable price tag and come with a variety of benefits, while there are also more expensive options that are priced more for their aesthetic appeal than anything else. Look beyond the price tag when making your decision.

These are just some of our favorite insider tips to help you find your ideal energy efficient windows Coto de Caza, but if you’d like to receive more information, meet with one of our All American Door Inc. window experts. Our experts are here to help answer any questions you may have while introducing you to the many high quality options on our showroom floor. To get started today, call (714) 680-8999 or stop by and see us at 642 W Commonwealth Ave Ste B Fullerton, CA 92832.

Signs You Have Found Quality Replacement Windows

There are a number of benefits that come out of having replacement windows installed in your Rancho Santa Margarita home. The right replacement windows can greatly enhance the overall comfort, security and energy efficiency of your home. However, you can only truly enjoy the full benefits of your replacement windows if you have chosen a quality window model. If this is your first time purchasing replacement windows, you may find it difficult to determine whether or not the windows you’ve selected are quality replacement windows. The good news is…you don’t have to be a window expert to shop like one! We’ve put together a list of signs that you’ve chosen high quality replacement windows for your home.

Your Replacement Windows are Single or Double Pane
One detail that homeowners tend to not give enough attention to is the density of their window’s glass. However, your replacement windows density makes a huge difference in its performance and quality. Thin, single pane windows are not thick enough to properly insulate your home, keep it secure, or even block out excess noise. That’s is why you’ll want to check your replacement window selection for double or triple pane glass to receive optimal performance in whatever you choose.

Your Replacement Windows are Weather Resistant
One of the most important factors in your replacement window’s performance is how it continues to perform over time. Replacement windows can be gorgeous and highly efficient when first installed, but can quickly lose their appeal and cause a number of problems due to certain factors. In addition to normal wear and tear, weather damage will greatly influence your replacement windows performance over time. We suggest making sure you’ve chosen a replacement window material like vinyl and fiberglass. These materials are known for their weather resistant performance.

Your Replacement Windows Come with Energy Efficient Features
There are a number of features that go into making a great, energy efficient Rancho Santa Margarita replacement windows. The features that will help you save the most on your monthly energy bills include thick double or triple pane glass, weather resistant frames and expanding materials that allow for a snug and secure fit. Be sure to check your windows to find out which features are included, especially if reducing your carbon footprint and your expenses are a priority. If you have trouble locating the details, be sure to check the window labels where you will find information like whether or not the windows are ENERGY STAR preferred or what the windows U-factor is.

The best way to ensure you’re taking home high quality replacement windows is to shop with a window company that only offers the best. At All American Door Inc, we have hand selected every window model on our showroom floor to ensure you are met with only the best options on the market. Have questions about your replacement window project or want to know what to look for? Schedule a free consultation with one of our window experts today by calling (714) 680-8999 or visit us in person at 642 W Commonwealth Ave Ste B Fullerton, CA 92832.

How to Know if You’ll Need Replacement Windows for Winter

The change of seasons brings plenty of fun and quality time with family and friends. Unfortunately, the drop in temperature in Orange County also means a spike in energy bills for many homeowners. As the weather gets colder, many homeowners crank up their thermostats in order to stay cozy, resulting in high energy bills year after year. The good news is there are plenty of ways to keep your bills reasonable during the winter, starting with your windows. After all, according to the American Energy Association nearly well over half of the energy that American homes waste escapes through the windows and doors. To help, we’ve put together a list of measures that will help you determine whether or not your windows are prepared for winter or if you’ll be needing replacement windows.

You Notice Moisture Between Window Panes
A few drops of moisture between the glass panes on your window may seem harmless, but this is likely a subtle sign for much bigger problems. Moisture typically only shows on the panes if it’s trapped there as a result of excess water absorption. If your frames have absorbed moisture, you can expect them to begin to rot, warp, and distort…all of which leads to drafts and gaps in your window frame. This means your heating efforts will be heading straight out the windows.

You’re Used to the High Bills
If the spike in your energy bills has become expected and no matter how hard to try, you can’t seem to get your home as warm as you want it, there’s a good chance your current windows aren’t performing as they should. Take the cue to hire a professional for an inspection or do a quick check yourself. Read on for an easy method to check the insulating qualities of your windows.

The Candle Test
If you want to do a quick check to determine the performance of your windows during the winter, you can always try the candle test. By simply lighting a candle (or lighter) and placing it in front of various areas around your window frame, you’ll be able to tell if there is a draft coming through your window. If the flame flickers (or worse, blows out completely), you can bet your windows are the reason for your increasingly high bills. That this problem will only get worse year after year.

If you find one or more of the signs above to be true in your house, it may be time to look into replacement windows Orange County. While there are a number of measures that can be taken to enhance the insulation of your current windows, most of these efforts are both expensive and short lived. That’s why choosing quality energy efficient replacement windows are the only way to truly enhance the insulation in your home. If you need help finding the right replacement windows for your home this winter, give All American Doors Inc. a call at (714) 680-8999 or meet with one of our window experts at 642 W Commonwealth Ave Ste B Fullerton, CA 92832.