Why We Love Replacement Windows and Why You Should Too

If you’re like most Fullerton homeowners, chances are you consider replacement windows to be more of an expense than an investment. That’s easy to understand! Life gets busy and the last thing you have time to do is stop and think about purchasing replacement windows for your home. However, you may be surprised to find that replacement windows can help you save time, money, and can even help better protect your family. That’s because replacement windows come with such an extensive list of benefits that they can be considered one of the best investments you can make for your home. Don’t believe us? Read on to discover just a few reasons why we love replacement windows and you should too.

Replacement Windows Help Protect Your Home

There’s nothing more important than knowing your loved ones and belongings are safe and sound, which is why it’s vital to know that your home is secure and up to the job. Unfortunately, your windows and doors are one of the easiest access points for outside threats to enter your home and if they aren’t secure enough, your home could be vulnerable to a break in. The good news is by purchasing strong, durable, secure replacement windows with up to date security hardware, you can rest easy knowing your home is properly protected.

Replacement Windows Save You Time

We’ve already discussed how busy your life is. Do you really have time for the annual peeling, sanding, painting and staining required year after year with wood windows? If your home currently features a more traditional window material, not only is all of that maintenance and upkeep taking up your time, but the cost of services and materials can also add up quickly. The simple solution is to switch to a high quality, low maintenance window material like vinyl or fiberglass that only requires the occasional cleaning with soap and water.

Replacement Windows Save You Money

In addition to saving time, replacement windows can also save money. There are a number of areas where replacement windows can help keep the cash in your wallet, but one of the biggest ways is with your monthly energy bill. By choosing a strong, energy efficient replacement window material, like vinyl, you’ll receive features like expanding PVC material, double or triple pane glass, and durable, weather resistant frames. The final outcome is saving hundreds on your annual energy expenses!

Like the sound of better protection, more free time, and major savings? Then it’s time to stop by All American Door to speak with one of our window experts about finding the right windows replacement Placentia, CA for your home. Our team of experts is here to answer any questions you have while introducing you to our selection of quality replacement window models. If you’re ready to start shopping for you dream windows today, give us a call at (714) 680-8999 or visit our showroom floor 642 W Commonwealth Ave Ste B Fullerton, CA 92832.

Common Myths About Replacement Windows

There’s never been a better time to shop for replacement windows for your Anaheim home. The market is currently filled with a wide selection of materials, styles, and features, practically guaranteeing that there’s an ideal window choice for any home. Unfortunately, such vast markets typically come with their fair share of false information and if you shop for replacement windows with this information, you could find yourself bringing home less than quality windows. At All American Door Inc, it’s important to us that you love your new replacement windows for years to come. That’s why we’ve put together a list of common replacement window myths to help you separate fact from fiction.

Myth #1: When Buying Replacement Vinyl Windows, Look for the Blue Tint

This myth was originally based on fact. When vinyl replacement windows were first launched, homeowners and builders soon noticed that the windows with a slightly blue tint seemed to be a better quality and they weren’t imagining it. The blue tint was a direct result of manufacturers adding an extra chemical into the mix for enhanced insulation. Unfortunately, it didn’t take long for competing manufacturers to catch on to the trend and begin adding on their own blue “dye” to create the same look without the added benefit. If you truly want to know what a replacement window is capable of, don’t look for any colors or tricks, just check the label.

Myth #2: The More Expensive the Replacement Window the Better it’s Quality

Again, we can see where this myth may have found its origin. When it comes to some markets, like luxury cars or jewelry, the higher the price on the item, the better the quality. However, when it comes to replacement windows, this often isn’t the case. There are a number of reasons why a replacement window may be more on the expensive side including aesthetics or a current industry trend. This doesn’t mean that there aren’t plenty of affordable replacement windows that offer the same (if not more) benefits than those with the higher cost.

Myth #3: Replacement Windows Won’t Affect Your Resale Price

Take one look at recent real estate reports and you’ll find just how false this statement really is. It turns out, homes with certain replacement window materials, like vinyl, sell at a higher price than those without. In fact, some studies have shown that homeowners with replacement vinyl windows can expect up to an 80% return on the original cost of their windows once their home has sold. We recommend speaking with a real estate agent or visiting a local open house to learn which kind of replacement window is considered standard for your area.

The best way to separate fact from fiction is by getting your information directly from an expert. At All American Door Inc., our window experts have years of experience in knowing exactly what to look for to find the ideal Anaheim, CA windows replacement for any home. They can even provide you with a free consultation. To request your consultation today, call (714) 680-8999 or stop by 642 W Commonwealth Ave Ste B Fullerton, CA 92832.

Why Vinyl is a Low Maintenance Replacement Window Choice

It’s finally time to purchase replacement windows for your Orange County home. Replacement windows can provide your home with a number of benefits, but it’s important to remember that not all replacement windows are created equal. You’ll want to find a replacement window that’s not just aesthetically pleasing, but also fits your specific needs as a homeowner. One factor that often goes overlooked is the amount of upkeep and maintenance that a window requires. A homeowner will often fall in love with a set of wood windows without realizing the annual peeling, sanding, painting and staining they require. Fortunately, you don’t have to tack on a list of chores to have quality windows in your home. Vinyl windows are low maintenance windows. Let’s take a closer look as to why.

Vinyl Replacement Windows are Weather Resistant

If you’re looking for low maintenance replacement windows, the first thing you’ll want to check is how weather resistant a window is. Weather damage is one of the major reasons why windows need maintenance and repairs. Especially in cases like wood, where the replacement window tends to absorb extra moisture that can result in the frame rotting or distorting. The same goes for hotter climates where the intense sun can cause discoloration and chipping. Fortunately, vinyl replacement windows are highly weather resistant. Their PVC material won’t absorb any extra moisture and the sun takes twice as long to affect them compared to other window materials.

Vinyl Replacement Windows Come with Double (or Triple) Pane Glass

If your home currently features thin, single pane glass, then you are likely familiar with how easy they are to scratch or even shatter. The density of single pane glass simply isn’t thick enough to protect your windows, causing repairs or replacements to happen more frequently than you may like. Fortunately, vinyl replacement windows come standard with double or triple pane glass that’s both durable and low maintenance.

Vinyl Replacement Windows are Made with Long Lasting PVC Material

If the name PVC sounds familiar to you, it’s likely because it’s the same material commonly used in household pipes. PVC is an ideal material for pipes since it’s rarely affected by weather and can last twice as long as other materials. The same goes for the PVC used in vinyl replacement windows. Thanks to this long lasting, durable material, you’ll find an extensive period of time has passed before you need to go shopping for your next set of replacement windows.

If you’re looking forward to spending less time and money on maintenance, upkeep, and repairs it’s time to stop by All American Door Inc. to start shopping for your vinyl replacement windows. Our team of replacement window experts will happily introduce you to our wide selection of window options while answering any questions you have about your replacement window project. To get started on finding your new, low maintenance Orange County, CA replacement windows call (714) 680-8999 or visit our showroom floor 642 W Commonwealth Ave Ste B Fullerton, CA 92832.

How Replacement Windows Can Help Better Protect Your Home

If you’re like most Fullerton homeowners, there’s nothing more important than knowing your loved ones and belonging are safe. That means knowing your home is providing optimal security. This is especially true for your windows and doors, which are the easiest access points for outside threats to enter your home. Unfortunately, if these areas are not in good shape, then you could be leaving your home vulnerable to a break in. By purchasing the right replacement windows for your home, you can help keep your family and belongings safe and sound. Here are some ways replacement windows can help you protect your home.

Choose Weather Resistant Replacement Windows

If weather isn’t one of the first things you think of when it comes to security, it should be. Weather damage can dramatically decrease the durability of your windows. For example, wood windows are known to hold on to excess moisture. This moisture eventually causes the frames to rot and distort, resulting in gaps and drafts. If such damage isn’t repaired, the window can easily be maneuvered from the outside, whether it’s locked or not. Fortunately, there are a number of strong, weather resistant replacement window options (like vinyl and fiberglass) that can help you avoid this problem.

Choose Double or Triple Paned Replacement Windows

One of the most common ways for outside threats to enter your home is by simply shattering the glass on your window and using it as an easy entrance. If your home features thin, single pane glass, it’s all too easy for this to occur in your home. Fortunately, purchasing a replacement window that comes with double or triple pane glass can not only prevent intruders from being able to break in, but it will often deter them from even trying in the first place.

Choose State of the Art Security Hardware

If it’s been years since you’ve purchased your last set of replacement windows, you may be surprised to find how many advancements have been made when it comes to security hardware. Unfortunately, it also means your outdated windows likely feature locking mechanisms that are easy to override. By choosing new replacement windows with state of the art security hardware, you’ll stay one step ahead of those considering breaking into your home.

At All American Door Inc, there’s nothing more important to us than helping you keep your home and loved ones protected. That’s why our window experts are here to introduce you to our wide selection of strong, durable, and secure Fullerton, CA replacement windows options that will provide your home with optimal protection. If you’re ready to sleep easy knowing your windows are doing their job, give us a call at (714) 680-8999. We can give you a free consultation and talk over the best options for your situation. You can also stop by and visit us at our showroom floor located at 642 W Commonwealth Ave Ste B Fullerton, CA 92832. We look forward to assisting you with all of your replacement window needs!

Determining Which Type of Replacement Window is Right for You

While shopping for replacement windows for your Irvine home, you’ll quickly find that there are a wide variety of styles and materials currently available on the market. While so many options ensures that there’s an ideal replacement window for any type of home, it can also make the process a bit overwhelming. Many homeowners have a hard time determining which type of replacement window is most beneficial for their home’s specific needs. To help solve this problem, we’ve put together a short buyer’s guide based on common household situations.

You Hear Practically Everything that Goes on Outside

If you find that you can practically hear a pin drop in front of your home, chances are the problem isn’t the area you live in. Homes that feature windows with thin double pane glass hear a great deal of exterior noise due to the fact that their windows aren’t thick enough to block it out. Try choosing double or triple pane replacement windows to finally restore some peace and quiet to your home.

You’re Looking to Save money On Your Electric Bills

If you’re like most homeowners, you like the sound of saving money on monthly bills, especially after those warm summer months when energy bills tend to spike. If you’re tired of shelling out extra cash on your monthly bills then we suggest choosing an energy efficient replacement window material like vinyl or fiberglass that can help you save hundreds on your annual heating and cooling expenses.

You’re Tired of Spending Hours on Upkeep and Maintenance

If your home currently features a more traditional window material, like wood, chances are you’re all too familiar with the peeling, sanding, painting and staining they require year after year. The good news is that by choosing a more low maintenance replacement window material like fiberglass or vinyl, you’ll only need to occasionally wash your windows with soap and water to keep them looking like new.

You Plan on Reselling Your Home

While it may not be on your mind quite yet, if you plan on selling you home sometime in the future it should be considered during any home improvement project. Every detail of your home will contribute to your final resale value, including your windows. In fact, recent real estate reports have shown that homes with replacement vinyl windows installed sell at  a higher price than those without. We recommend speaking with a local real estate agent or visiting an open house to get a better idea of what type of replacement window is considered standard in your area.

Want to learn more about which type of replacement window Aliso Viejo, CA is best for your home We suggest speaking with a window expert at All American Door, Inc to get started. Our team of professionals will provide you with all the information you need to get your replacement window project started. To speak with an expert today call (714) 680-8999 or visit our showroom floor 642 W Commonwealth Ave Ste B Fullerton, CA 92832.