Signs You’ve Found the Right Replacement Windows

It’s a wonderful feeling when you’ve finally found the right replacement windows for your Anaheim home, but if you don’t know what to look for, you may not know the quality of windows you have until it’s too late. Oftentimes, homeowners judge replacement windows based on their aesthetic appeal or well marketed features. However, this often leaves room for disappointment further down the line when the windows don’t perform the way they were expected to. The good news is you don’t have to be a window expert to be able to tell when you’ve found quality replacement windows we’ve provided you with some tell tale signs to be on the lookout for.

Your Replacement Window Choice is Double or Triple Pane

One of the most commonly overlooked details in a replacement window is its glass density. However, the density of your glass plays a major role in the overall protection, energy efficiency, and weather resistance of your replacement windows. If your replacement window choice currently features single pane glass then prepare for excess exterior noise to enter your home along with drafts and an increased risk of break ins. However, if your replacement window choice features double or triple pane glass, then that’s a great step in the right direction.

Your Replacement Window Choice Holds a Strong U-Factor

If you didn’t take the time to read the label on your replacement window choice, then it’s time to step back and check it again. The label on a replacement window is filled with all kinds of important information including the window’s U-factor. The U-factor (also referred to as the U-rating) of a replacement window is similar to the “miles per gallon” rating on a car and is designed to let you know how well a window will insulate your home. It’s important to remember that the lower the U-factor of a window, the better its insulating capabilities. If you’ve checked the U-factor of your replacement windows to find that it delivers energy efficiency, you likely have some quality windows on your hands.

Your Replacement Window Choice is Low Maintenance

There is much more to low maintenance replacement windows than being less of a hassle. Low maintenance replacement windows are usually that way because they have strong, weather resistant features that require less upkeep. These weather resistant features also mean less repairs, longer lifespans, and greater energy efficiency.

Finding your replacement window choice isn’t checking off all the right boxes? Then it may be time to stop by All American Door Inc. to view our wide variety of quality windows replacement Coto de Caza, CA options. Our team of replacement window professionals knows exactly what to look for when it comes to windows and have hand selected the best options the market has to offer. If you’ve got any questions about your replacement window project, feel free to bring them to one of our experts for a complimentary consultation. To get started today just call 714) 680-8999 or visit us in person at 642 W Commonwealth Ave Ste B Fullerton, CA 92832.

Important Steps to Take Before Purchasing Your Replacement Windows

It’s time to purchase replacement windows for your La Habra home and you’re anxious to use the opportunity to give your home some added curb appeal. Before you rip out design inspiration from the pages of your favorite magazine, it’s important to be sure you’ve taken the necessary steps to prepare for your replacement windows. Forward planning will help ensure you love your replacement windows for years to come, and that they perform in the manner you expect. Not sure which steps to take? We’ve put together a short checklist for you so you can get started on the right foot.

Map Out Your Exterior Surroundings

It’s important to remember that not all replacement window styles are the right choice for every home. You’ll want to choose a replacement window style that works with your unique exterior and interior design layout. This means creating an accurate exterior map that includes all pathways, outdoor furniture and plant life that you wouldn’t want obstructed by an open window. This also applies for patio spaces and front decks. Once you know the unique needs of your home you’ll be able to better determine which replacement window works best for your space.

Think About the Little Guys

Replacement windows are a great addition to any home, but if they aren’t properly planned they can be a major safety hazard as well. This is especially true in homes with small children or pets. You’ll want to take into account the little guys when shopping for your replacement windows and avoid any window styles where small fingers can easily be jammed, or styles that can be easily opened with added pressure. Take special consideration as well into the type of replacement windows you have installed onto second stories where safety is an even greater concern.

Check Your Real Estate Market

If you plan on selling your home sometime in the near future, it’s important to keep this goal in mind while shopping for replacement windows. Particularly because real estate reports have shown us that the right replacement window material can actually increase your resale value. So how do you know which replacement window choice is the best investment for your home? You can start by checking out some local open houses or speaking to a real estate agent who can better inform you of what’s considered standard for your area.

Checked off the tasks below? Then it’s time to head down to All American Door Inc. to view our selection of quality replacement windows. Our team of replacement window experts pride themselves on their ability to perfectly match homeowners with the La Habra, CA windows replacement of their dreams, starting with our free no pressure, highly informative consultations. To schedule your consultation today give us a call at (714) 680-8999 or visit our showroom floor located at 642 W Commonwealth Ave Ste B Fullerton, CA 92832. We look forward to assisting you with all of your replacement window needs!

Why We Love Vinyl Replacement Windows and Why You Should Too

While shopping for replacement windows for your Placentia home, you’ll likely notice there is a wide variety of materials to choose from. Not to put too much pressure on you, but when it comes to quality replacement windows, this is probably one of the most important choices you’ll make. The right replacement window material will enhance the overall comfort, energy efficiency, and affordability of your household. Not sure which replacement window material is the right choice for your home? At All American Door Inc. there is not a window material we recommend more than vinyl windows. Here’s why we like vinyl replacement windows and why you should too!

Vinyl Replacement Windows are Incredibly Energy Efficient

Vinyl replacement windows are quickly gaining a reputation for their energy efficient qualities and money saving capabilities. This benefit comes from the strong energy efficient features incorporated in vinyl replacement window design like double and triple pane glass, expanding PVC material, and durable, weather resistant frames. Combine these features together and it’s easy to see why homeowners that switch to vinyl replacement windows save hundreds on annual energy expenses.

Vinyl Replacement Windows are Affordable

Just because you want quality replacement windows, that doesn’t mean you’re willing to break the bank for it. Thanks to vinyl replacement windows, you can choose affordability without sacrificing quality. When vinyl windows were originally introduced to the market in the early 1970’s they were intended to be a low cost alternative to other material options. Fast forward to present day and vinyl replacement windows continue to be one of the most affordable options available.  This doesn’t mean that your vinyl windows don’t come with an impressive list of benefits.

Vinyl Replacement Windows are Low Maintenance

If you’re currently replacing a more traditional window material like wood, then you’ll love how low maintenance your new vinyl replacement windows are. Unlike wooden windows that require annual peeling, sanding, painting and staining, vinyl windows only require the occasional cleaning with soap and water. Not only does this save you time and hassle, but you’ll also save money on the cost of services and materials.

Vinyl Replacement Windows Raise Your Resale Value

Plan on selling your home in the near future? Then vinyl replacement windows are an ideal choice for your home. Recent real estate reports have shown that vinyl replacement windows sell at a higher price than those without them, making them a wise investment.

Still not sure if vinyl replacement windows are the right choice for you? Then we recommend stopping by All American Door Inc. to see our collection of vinyl replacement windows Placentia, CA as well as other material options. If you have any questions on how vinyl replacement windows measure up to other models, feel free to ask our window experts who will gladly provide you with a free consultation. To start shopping for your replacement windows today give us a call at  (714) 680-8999 or stop by and see us at 642 W Commonwealth Ave Ste B Fullerton, CA 92832.

What Window Experts Wish You Knew About Replacement Windows

If you’re a first time replacement window buyer, finding the right fit for your Buena Park home could feel like an overwhelming task. There are a number of important choices to make throughout the process, and if you don’t know what to look for it can be difficult to know whether or not you’ve found quality replacement windows. The good news is you don’t have to be a window expert to shop like one. Here we’ve gathered some of our favorite replacement window tips to help ensure you love your replacement windows for years to come.

Replacement Windowsare Not a DIY Job

Trust us, we get it. YouTube and Pinterest make it seem like every household project can be made into a “Do It Yourself” job, but when it comes to your windows this isn’t typically the case. Installing your replacement windows can lead to some major safety issues, especially in homes where small children live and a secure job is vital. Also, if you’ve chosen energy efficient replacement windows for your home then you’ll want to have them professionally installed, as the slightest gap or draft can make them virtually useless.

When Comparing Replacement Windows, Always Check the Label

To the naked eye, two replacement windows can appear to be exactly the same, but in reality they likely hold totally different capabilities. So how do you compare? Skip the marketing tactics and look straight for the label. A window’s label holds all the information you need to know like whether or not the window is ENERGY STAR preferred or what the window’s U-factor is.  Remember, the U factor tells you how well the replacement window will insulate your home, and the lower the number the better its insulating capabilities.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask Questions

No one expects you to become an overnight window expert, and it’s worth it to you and your wallet to take the time to ask any questions you may have about your replacement window options. Don’t worry, the right window company will be able to answer your questions without pressuring you into buying or charging you a consultation fee. Just jot down your questions as they come to mind, schedule an appointment with a window expert, and remember to take notes! You’ll find that taking this extra step will save you plenty of time and headache in the long run.

Are you ready to ask some questions or just begin checking out quality replacement window options? Then it’s the perfect time to stop by All American Door Inc., to receive your free consultation. Our experts are here to introduce you to the wide variety of replacement windows on our showroom floor while answering any questions you may have about your replacement window project. Our team has helped builders and homeowners find the perfect Buena Park, CA windows replacement for years and are ready to do the same for you! So what are you waiting for? Call (714) 680-8999 today or visit us in person at  642 W Commonwealth Ave Ste B Fullerton, CA 92832.