5 Tips for Creating the Perfect Cottagecore Feel at Home

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Cottagecore is increasingly becoming more popular due to the romanticism and simplistic ambiance that it brings into a home. If you also love the cottagecore trend and are looking for ways to implement it into your home, we’ve got you covered. Review these five tips below to help you nail this iconic look.

1. Install Charming Door Designs

Your home’s entry and exit points create the first and last impressions. With this said, you must include cottagecore themes in your door designs. Some popular door choices for this design trend include antique, barn, and French barn doors. With wood and metal doors projected to account for 91% of 2023’s door sales, according to Markets Insider, you should also look at these options and consider which would look best in your space.

2. Use Vintage Furniture

Using vintage furniture for your cottagecore aesthetic will help bring some character to the home. Many opt for Victorian furniture because it has an old-fashioned and classic style. With this said, any vintage furniture style can work if it is unique and eye-catching. Examples of vintage furniture to be on the hunt for include sofa chairs, ornate bedroom mirrors, bed frames, and kitchen stools.

3. Purchase Tuscany Windows

To achieve the cottagecore aesthetic, you need lots of natural light. A great way to get this beautiful sunshine in your home is by purchasing Milgard Tuscany windows. This window option can make your living spaces appear bigger than they are and offer a unique style that correlates well with the shabby chic design of cottagecore.

4. Incorporate Organic Linens and Textures

Small touches of vintage aesthetics make the cottagecore design special, and incorporating organic linens and textures is an easy way to achieve this style. Examples include ruffled throw pillows, sheer window treatments, and pastel bedding colors. These design choices will match the dark wood trims accompanying the cottagecore aesthetic.

5. Add Floral Decorations

Keeping with the theme of country living, a cottagecore design would not be complete without floral decorations. These decorations could include floral print artwork, fried blooms, or live plants scattered throughout the living space. These items will bring in the feel of nature and add an element of freshness to your home.

Review the list above and consider which elements you need in your home to create the perfect cottagecore feel. If you want to install charming doors or Milgard Tuscany windows, contact All American Door, Inc. today for a free quote. We look forward to helping you create the perfect cottagecore design!

4 Signs That a Door Needs to Be Replaced

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Are you considering a door replacement project but are unsure if now is the right time? Since an insufficient door can decrease energy efficiency, curb appeal, and security for your household, it’s essential to replace it as soon as you notice a problem. In light of this, we’ve created a list of four signs that a door replacement is in order. Review these signs and evaluate your door to consider if you need a new one.

1. Frequent Drafts

A drafty door can let in the hot or cold weather outside. This situation will result in your HVAC system working hard and exhausting more energy to maintain an adequate temperature in your home. With the increase in energy levels, you will also have an increase in energy bills, which can quickly add up throughout the months. To avoid these inconveniences, make sure to replace the door with frequent drafts with a new one that’s made of sturdy, solid material.

2. Loose Hinges

If your door squeaks when you open and close it, this is a telltale sign that your hinges are loose and deteriorated. While you can sometimes repair loose hinges with tightened screws or lubricant, a door replacement might also be necessary. The loose hinges could result in the door falling onto someone and becoming a safety hazard for your loved ones entering the household.

3. Visible Cracks and Fractures

Visible cracks and fractures can have many negative impacts on homeowners. First, these forms of damage can cause drafts and quickly raise your energy bill. They will also be a welcome sign for burglars. Lastly, they can wreak havoc on your home’s curb appeal. With all this considered, order replacement doors quickly if cracks and fractures are present.

4. Moisture Damage

Moisture damage to a door commonly occurs after a severe thunderstorm or hurricane. Since this damage will attract insect invasions and the growth of harmful fungi like mold and mildew, it’s important that you don’t ignore it. If you need to replace your moisture-ridden door, look into options with steel and fiberglass. These construction materials are less prone to damage and can prevent the need for frequent door replacements. Another excellent option is vinyl doors. According to The Improvement Center, this door type will typically last 20 years.

Review the list above and inspect your doors thoroughly for these signs. If one or more of them are present, contact All American Door, Inc. today to receive a free quote on a replacement door. We look forward to assisting you!