commercial glass walls and doors

Choosing new windows and doors can be stressful. There are so many options to consider. Whether you’re going for a chic, modern look or you want to stick with something more traditional, there are things every homeowner should know before beginning the window and door installation process. Here are 5 things you’ll want to be aware of as you make your decision.

Pick the Right Material

The windows that you install in your home will be a different type of class than what you’d see used for commercial glass walls and doors. The type of glass that you use on the windows and doors in your home will go a long way in maintaining your privacy and keeping your utility bills from skyrocketing in the summer and winter.

Go for Energy Efficiency

If you’re getting ready to undertake a big remodeling project and you’re looking at replacement windows, you may want to consider which glass option is the most energy-efficient. 22% of total energy consumption in the United States is attributed to American households – that’s nearly a quarter of total annual energy usage. Some glass is double- or triple-paned to block out sound and other disturbances but other glass types are made specifically to keep your house cool in the summer and warm in the winter. The best replacement windows will not only bring beauty into your home but also help keep your bills low.

Choose Your Style

Are you going for a more traditional window or have you always imagined an airy space with commercial glass walls and doors to let in as much light as possible? Garden windows, bay windows, and double-hung windows are some of the most popular options for home remodeling projects but the possibilities can be endless.

Talk to Your Installer Beforehand

Whether you’re installing completely new windows or buying replacement windows, it’s a good idea to ask your installer as many questions about the process as possible so that you’re aware and comfortable. Your installer will need to come into your home to get the job done so it’s good to know how they’ll be working so that neither of you steps on the other’s toes.

Work with the Best

Ultimately, whether you’re looking into commercial glass walls and doors or you’re just looking into new wood windows or replacement vinyl doors, make sure you choose the installer that’s right for you. Give us a call today for your free quote and trust us with all your replacement window and door needs.

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