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According to the U.S. Department of Energy, there are approximately 114.8 million households in the nation. Most of these houses have fiberglass or vinyl doors because they are the most favorite door materials for homeowners and landlords. They also fit well with any material. While vinyl and fiberglass doors share many qualities, they are distinct, and only one of them can be right for your home.

How are Fiberglass and Vinyl Doors Similar?

1. Energy Efficient

Both fiberglass and vinyl are energy efficient. These doors will insulate your home against thermal conditions and prevent heat transfer. Having a fiberglass or vinyl door will lower your energy bills and help you save more money.

2. Low Maintenance

Another attribute that both fiberglass and vinyl doors share is low maintenance. They are simple to maintain than wood and steel doors. They need routine wiping to remove dust and dirt.

3. High Resistance

Fiberglass and vinyl doors are highly resistant to rot and growth, making them more durable than other doors.

4. Customization

Fiberglass and vinyl doors can be customized to look like anything. They can be designed to look like steel or wood. They are also available in many colors and sizes.

How are Fiberglass and Vinyl Doors Different?

Fiberglass Doors

Fiberglass is plastic that has been reinforced with glass fiber in order to make it stronger. Fiberglass doors are light and incredibly durable. Consequently, they are sturdier than your average vinyl door and last for an extended period. However, they are more expensive than vinyl doors. Their high durability enables them to provide high performance and longer service life.

Fiberglass doors are suitable for homes in areas where the is constant fluctuation of weather conditions. They are nine times stronger than vinyl, allowing them to overcome extreme weather conditions without damage.

Vinyl Doors

Vinyl doors are made of resin polyvinyl chloride. They are of high quality and cheaper than fiberglass doors. Vinyl doors provide more strength than wood, although fiberglass doors are stronger than them. While vinyl doors require low maintenance, they are difficult to repair when they get damaged. They are suitable for places with cold weather because they tend to fade when exposed to too much sunlight.

Now that you’re aware of the similarities and differences between fiberglass and vinyl doors, you should be able to select the right door for your home. In case you need help, consider contacting an expert for guidance.

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