There are many different things within your home that you need to have inspected and maintained. But, did you know that your windows are one of them? The average homeowner actually does not consider replacing their windows, let alone having them inspected. This can lead to costly expenses and serious damages down the road. This guide will help to outline the signs that you may need replacement windows, whether that be Fullerton replacement windows or premium vinyl windows. A professional windows and doors company can help to get you started on the right foot.

Rotting Wood

One of the most noticeable signs that you may be in need of new windows and doors is rotting wood. Rotting wood can be caused by a faulty window, which may be letting in moisture into the wood. However, rotting wood could also just simply be due to an older window system. Older wood means that it is more susceptible to rotting. Rotting wood of your windows could lead to complete window failure, as well as water damage within your home. Even worse, rotting wood could be harboring harmful bacteria and mildew. This could pose a potential health hazard for you and your family. Having a professional windows and doors company come to your property can help to assess the damage and they will remove any of the rotting wood, as well as give you new wood windows.

Water Damage

Leaking windows may not be the easy to spot. After it rains, you may not notice any moisture around your windows. However, water damage can manifest in other ways. If you notice that you have paint bubbling or peeling around your windows, this may be a sign that your windows are letting in water. The worse the problem gets or the longer it goes untreated, the more the pain will begin to peel off. Homeowners may eventually notice exposed sheetrock. This is when the issue has become severe and should be seen by a professional right away.

In the United States, up to 70% of households are single family homes. This means that it is important to put forth cost effective solutions, as well as maintenance to avoid any costly expenses. Keep an eye on your windows and if you notice any of these signs, then it is time to contact a professional.

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