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When It’s Time for Replacement Windows

Residential window replacement is something that is on many home owners minds. However, knowing exactly when to replace the windows in your home can be a bit of a puzzle. On average, about 40% of a home’s heat is lost through the windows and doors, and this increases to 50% for homes with drafty single-pane windows. Because of this, many home owners are looking for replacement windows to create a more environmentally friendly home and to cut down on their utility costs.

There are a few sure signs that it is time to replace your windows. If the windows are damaged or warped, it is obvious to most home owners that replacements are needed. Though window repair is possible for minor problems, typically a replacement is going to be more cost effective in the long run. Some signs of window damage aren’t so obvious. Many vinyl windows or wood windows might look perfectly normal visually, however, if the windows are drafty or if they fog up significantly, it is probably time to replace them.

Another sign that it is time to replace your windows is simply if you want to reduce your energy bill. Just because the windows are still functioning fine, doesn’t mean they aren’t old and energy inefficient. Getting high utility bills each month just because you have drafty or inefficient windows is a pain. Today’s window market has significant advances that give home owners options to install replacement windows that will help to significantly reduce your power bill.

The last obvious reason to get new windows installed is if your home just survived a severe storm. This is most applicable to hurricane and tornado zones. In addition to the ultra high winds, the extra salt and humidity in the air can do a number to your windows and the exterior of your home. Integrity windows made with Ultrex fiberglass are a great option for homeowners who are replacing windows in a home that is in a hurricane or tornado prone area.

Steps to Choosing the Right Replacement Windows

The best time to replace windows is before you absolutely need it. Once you are ready to replace, the next step is choosing the right type of replacement windows for your home. Here are a few things to consider while choosing replacement windows:

What Purpose Will These Windows Serve? This is an important question to ask yourself as you shop around for windows. The most basic function of a window is to allow light into a home. Consider the area that the window will be in though. Does the window need to slide open and closed throughout the day to let air in? Or is it fixed in place and purely aesthetic? Is the windows primary purpose to give a view of a gorgeous landscape? These are all things you should consider when replacing your windows.

How will the sun hit this window? This is another important aspect of choosing the right windows. Is the window east facing and going to take the sun head on first thing in the morning? Or is it north facing? This is an important thing to consider for bedrooms, where a rising sun might not be welcome first thing in the morning, or maybe it is if that’s your thing. Also, for rooms with T.V. sets, having too much sun can create an unwanted glare on the screen. Be sure to choose glare reducing windows in situations that call for it.

What is the Interior and Exterior look? Consider both the interior and exterior look of your home when choosing windows. This is especially important for window frames, as there are more color and style options with the frames of windows. Remember that replacing windows is not just a practical benefit to your home, but it also offers a great finishing touch to the aesthetics of it. Being conscious of the look of the window and window frames will ensure that you get the great window replacement that you are happy with for years to come.

If you aren’t sure what type of window replacement is best for your home, give us a call. We would be happy to give you a consultation.

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