vinyl windows for a home

Between the internet, recommendations from employees at the hardware store, and advice from your uncle, it can be hard to know who to believe when it comes to home improvement and maintenance. With so many different perspectives, some misconceptions can begin to grow surrounding any type of project. Window replacement is no exception.

Before you start or avoid a window replacement project, make sure you have your facts straight first. Here are some common rumors and myths surrounding window replacement that aren’t supported with evidence.

Common Window Replacement Myths

Myth Number One: Windows Can’t Be Replaced in the Winter

Intuitively, this myth makes sense. Though it may seem that winter window replacement would lead to too much cold and precipitation entering a house, professionals know how to replace old panes in any season. In the winter, residential window replacement services remove and replace windows one at a time, working efficiently and covering openings during their work. Whether you’re looking for vinyl windows for a home, or commercial windows for an office, don’t hesitate to hire installers at any time of year.

Myth Number Two: Don’t Call Professionals- Anyone Can Replace Their Own Windows 

Ideally, windows should only be replaced by professionals. A variety of issues, like improper alignment, poor insulation, and even damage to the window frame can all arise when someone inexperienced attempts window installation on their own. Avoid losing money on damages or improper installation. Unless you’re an experienced home improver, hire the pros for a quick and well-done job.

Myth Number Three: All Windows Are the Same 

Another common window replacement myth is that the window’s glass or mechanism doesn’t matter, since there is little difference between styles. However, there are actually a variety of options that have unique benefits to each. For example, Energy-Star rated windows are better for insulating a home, and replacing old single-panes with new windows like these can save you up to $501 a year. Some windows also require less maintenance–vinyl windows for a home only need occasional cleaning, while wood frames need painting and sealing throughout their life. Do research before deciding which windows might be best for your home.

Myth Number Four: You Can’t Change Window Styles

Contrary to popular belief, any window frame can be fitted with a different style of window. Though you may have had wood windows in the past, finding vinyl windows for a home is an affordable choice that can boost your home’s energy efficiency. All windows also do not have to match, either– you can choose which style and price work best for each room and for your budget.


Clearly, there’s more to window installation than meets the eye. Before embarking on any window project, be sure you know the window facts from the fiction.

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