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You rely on your doors and windows every day without even thinking about it. They let in fresh air and sunlight. They keep out drafts, noise, and whatever else you don’t want coming into your home. But after years of use, they can start to fail at performing these basic functions. If your doors and windows are showing any of these signs, it may be time to consider replacing them.

Drafts Sneaking In

If you routinely feel cold drafts around your doors and windows even when they’re shut tight, their seals have likely worn down over time. This costs you money since your heating and cooling system has to work harder to maintain a comfortable temperature. No matter how high you crank up the thermostat, it won’t help if the warm air is leaking outside.

Moisture Buildup and Rotting

Excess moisture around your doors and windows can cause water damage, mold growth, and rotting of the adjacent walls or frames. If you notice bubbling or peeling paint, bulging drywall, or actual wet spots near any openings, the seals are likely compromised. You may even see dripping condensation or frost buildup on the interior side of the glass when it’s very cold outside.

Sun Damage

If your doors and windows contain real wood elements, prolonged sun exposure can cause them to slowly crack, warp, and discolor. You’ll notice this in buckling seals, jams that make them hard to slide open, yellowed finishes, and micro-cracks throughout. While you may have nostalgic feelings toward the original doors and windows, the wear and tear will only get worse.

Increased Energy Costs

If your energy bills have been inching higher every month for no clear reason, your doors and windows could be to blame. Check for gaps in the frames, low insulation ratings, and lack of weatherstripping to identify energy leaks. Swapping decades-old doors and windows for new ones with better construction and technology can seriously cut costs. Consult with installers on options offering tax credits as savings incentives.

Take a close look at all of your doors and windows for any of the above red flags. If the signs point to requiring replacements, act now before the problem gets worse and repairs multiply. If you suspect you need new doors and windows, All American Door, Inc. can help you find the right ones for you. According to Markets Insider, 91% of all door sales were projected to be metal and wood doors. We offer a wide variety of window and door types, so you’re sure to find options that meet your needs and preferences. Contact us today to learn more!

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