As spring arrives, it’s time to do home upgrades. Thanks to advancements in window manufacturing, you have a range of choices to consider. When it’s time for new windows, here are tips for selecting the best material.


More Americans are aware of their impact on the environment. If you pride yourself on being ecologically responsible and living in a green home, you may want to show that in your window choice. According to Conserve Energy Future, vinyl material can be recycled as many as eight times. Fiberglass is another popular recyclable material. Thanks to trees, wooden windows are also renewable and have use beyond their window lifespan.


Having the wrong windows can affect your energy efficiency. You want strong ones that could prevent heat loss any time of year. If you still have single-pane windows, you have the least efficient option. By upgrading to double-pane options, you’ll have much better insulation in your home and can save on your electric bills.


A window can come in a range of styles. They can slide or open vertically. French style allows them to open on a hinge resembling double doors. Remember your windows are visible from both inside and outside your home, so the style that you pick has a major effect on your overall home theme and design.


You want windows that can withstand the elements. In addition to your normal windows, you may want to get protective storm windows if you live in an area prone to hurricane damage. The high design pressure requirements for storm windows change based on the area you’re in. Therefore, some of the highest design pressure requirements for such windows are in places like Miami, FL. When it comes to your standard windows, vinyl is great for resisting corrosion as well as hungry insects. According to Bob Vila, fiberglass windows can last over 50 years, as long as they have a solid installation.

You have many options when picking the ideal windows for your home update. Pick ones in your preferred style and the level of durability you need for your climate. You can consider popular and strong materials like aluminum, vinyl, or fiberglass. Contact us at All American Door, Inc today for more information about replacement windows. We look forward to assisting you with your home upgrade this year.

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