How to Know It’s Time for Replacement Windows

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Despite the fact that there are no visible signs of damage or broken glass, the windows in your Fullerton home may be in need of a replacement. While the majority of homeowners put off window replacements until a major incident occurs, it’s important to keep in mind that there are a number of benefits associated with this home improvement project. To help clarify whether or not your current windows need to be replaced, we have put together a short list of tell-tale signs for you to be on the lookout for.

Your Windows Become Jammed in Place or Are Difficult to Open and Close

While you can expect some level of resistance from most window models (as a safety precaution), windows that become jammed in place or require all of your muscle strength to open and close are in need of replacements. While you can continue to make repairs on these windows every time they become stuck, eventually this solution will no longer work and it will be time for a replacement. Not only are jammed windows a hassle, but they are also a safety hazard. Windows in this condition can slam shut at any minute, injuring those sitting near them. They also leave your home vulnerable to break-ins.

You Are Tired of Hearing All That Noise

Having a great deal of exterior noise enter your homes on a regular basis is a sign of window glass that is too thin to sufficiently block the sound. That means homeowners with outdated windows can expect to hear any form of construction or traffic surrounding their homes. If you’re hoping to restore a little peace and quiet, it’s best to replace your windows with frames that come with double or triple pane glass.

You’ve Noticed Your Energy Bill Rising

It’s said that up to 70% of energy wasted in a home is a direct result of poor insulation from windows and doors. By replacing your current windows with a more energy efficient material like vinyl, you can save yourself hundreds on annual energy costs. This is due to the fact that vinyl windows Fullerton, CA are made from a material called PVC, which is more weather resistant than traditional window materials, greatly decreasing the odds of drafts developing while better insulating your home. Not only is this a great way to cut back on expenses, but it will also help you reduce your carbon footprint.

Still not sure if you’re ready to replace your windows? We recommend speaking with one of our window experts. At All American Door, Inc, our highly trained team will answer any questions you may have without pressuring you to make any purchases. If you decide you are ready to begin your window replacement process, our team will help you every step of the way. To speak with a window professional today simply give us a call at (714) 680-8999 or visit us in person at our showroom located at 642 W Commonwealth Ave Suite B Fullerton, Ca 92832.

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