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With so many new homebuyers out there buying older homes, many don’t realize that approximately 30% of a home’s heating energy literally goes out the windows. This is even more accurate when you are looking at older, single-pane windows that are full of character. Luckily there are replacement windows that won’t ruin the style of the house, and the cost of replacement windows can be a way to negotiate down the purchase price or gain concessions from the seller. Before you go into negotiations you need to have an estimate of what upgraded windows will cost. Since your style is dependent on the house style, the biggest thing to consider when pricing out new windows is if you want single-hung or double-hung. Since most people do not know the difference, we’ll break that down for you.

What Does Single-Hung Mean?

Single-hung just means that the top part of the window is fixed and only the bottom part can open. This is because the bottom sash of the window is not fixed in place. Having only half of the window move is really beneficial if energy efficiency is your goal. This is because the top part cannot slide down, even if the window is not locked. A downside of single-hung windows is cleaning; these windows do not have the tip-in function that allows you to clean the outside of the window with ease.

What Is a Double-Hung Window?

Just like single-hung means that only half the window can open, double-hung means both the top and bottom parts of the window open. This can lead to energy efficiency when it comes to cooling down your home because you can open both sides letting hot air escape out the top while cooler air can come in the bottom. This ability to open both top and bottom can also prevent mildew in steamy rooms like bathrooms or kitchens. The other perk of double-hung windows is how easy it is to clean them. Double-hung windows can be tipped inside the home to make cleaning the outside easier.

Decisions, Decisions

Now that you have an understanding of the differences, it should be easier to choose which replacement windows will suit your lifestyle as you work to bring down your heating and cooling costs.

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