wood windows

Windows and doors are among the first exterior fixtures that guests notice about any home. However, your windows’ style and design also contribute to your house’s overall security and energy efficiency. Choosing the right finishing, accents, and material can also help you make a statement, speaking to your style and tastes.

For centuries, wood windows have been the go-to pick for most homeowners. Wood’s versatility, natural insulation, and durability make it a worthy material within the market.

However, with the entry of metal, vinyl, and fiberglass into the market, most homeowners may forget the benefits of investing in wood windows. Here are five reasons why you should turn to wood for your replacement windows.

1. Optimum Energy Efficiency

About 70% of households in the U.S. are single-family households where heating and cooling costs take up 75% of the total utility costs. Wood is a superior natural insulator that can help keep your heating and cooling expenses low.

According to the American Wood Council, wood is 400 times a better insulator than steel, and 1,800 times better than vinyl. You can save more by choosing a double-paned glass to accessorize your wood windows. Your home will feel more comfortable in the hot summer months and during the frigid wintry nights.

2. Durable

Wooden window frames are excellent in most weather conditions. If properly sealed, they are affected less by temperature fluctuations, expanding and contracting less as compared to metal windows. Sealed wood windows are less likely to warp or crack under temperature shifts than their vinyl counterparts. You may also opt for exterior cladding to better protect your wooden frame. With proper maintenance, the wood windows may last for several generations of occupants.

3. Versatile Designs

Wood windows offer may leeway in determining the shape, style, and accents to use. There’s arguably a wooden frame suitable for every architectural style. You can customize your exterior windows to match your home’s theme from intricate carvings and crown mouldings to flat panels. The flexibility in design and styling makes it easier to make your house stand out within the neighborhood. If you get tired of its color, you can just sand it and repaint it to your favorite hue.

4. Timeless

Wood oozes elegance and sophistication, which makes it more aesthetically pleasing. Wood windows are classic and just plain beautiful. For homeowners wishing to maintain the rustic, traditional, Victorian theme for their houses, wood windows are virtually the only option available. Aluminum and vinyl frames may try to mimic wood, but cannot beat its timeless elegance. You do not have to settle for an imitation when you can have the real wooden panels.

5. Value for Money

Wood often gets a bad rap due to its higher installation costs. However, over time, it provides a better return on investment. Its durability and aesthetic appeal make wooden frames a favorite for most homebuyers. Wood will outlast other materials, making it well worth the initial expense.

Wood windows provide better insulation, durability, customization options, aesthetic appeal, and long-term value. Are you looking to install new replacement windows to your home in Orange County? All American Door, Inc. can help you choose wood windows for your home that will last a lifetime.

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