benefits of replacement windows

There comes a time when you need to consider replacing your windows. While this isn’t exactly the most fun aspect of homeownership, it’s something that you can’t ignore. Typically, buying replacement windows will involve investing in windows that look similar to those you had before, or at least those that fit the frames left behind by your old windows. But you do have options in terms of ensuring that the windows you buy are structurally better than those that you had before. Although windows may not look radically different than they looked a few decades ago, those being produced today are quite functionally different.

With that being said, you shouldn’t buy the cheapest windows on the market simply because they cost less. Windows are important investments in your home, and there are many benefits of replacement windows that you should consider as you shop for them. Let’s explore some of those benefits below, and consider why it’s important for you to invest in high quality windows.

1. They’re Energy Efficient

Understand this: energy efficiency is one of the main benefits of replacement windows. But not all replacement windows are energy efficient, at least not on the same scale as others. Windows are actually some of the main outlets through which our homes lose energy. Hot and cool air escape from windows that aren’t able to fully shut or allow for tiny drafts. This means that our HVAC systems work overtime to compensate for these heating and cooling losses. Furthermore, some windows absorb heat, allowing it to filter into your home and raising your cooling costs.

Energy efficient replacement windows not only have a more effective seal, ensuring that there is less of a risk of air escaping from the home; they also can reflect light more effectively. You should shop for windows that are Energy Star qualified, and keep in mind that doors can be energy efficient as well. This is particularly important to research if you’re remodeling an older home. A lot of older houses have energy inefficient windows, which is why replacing windows should be a part of any remodeling project.

2. They’re More Secure

Among the other benefits of replacement windows is the fact that replacement windows are often more secure than older windows. As windows have progressed in structure over the years, they’ve also become safer. Their locks are harder to tamper with, and due to their energy efficiency and tighter seals, it’s more difficult for them to be damaged.

For that matter, you should make sure that the windows you’re investing in can’t be cranked from the outside. Believe it or not, this isn’t a consideration that was made for all windows in the past. Another aspect of buying windows that are more secure is investing in those with stronger glass.

3. They’re Weather Resistant

Security isn’t just related to whether or not your windows can be tampered with by intruders. It also relates to whether or not your windows can be damaged by strong weather. Weather resistance is determined not only by the strength of the glass used for replacement windows, but the frames in which the windowpanes are placed.

It’s important to understand the difference between different window frames. While metal frames may be prone to rusting and corrosion, and wooden frames can be prone to rot and damage, vinyl windows are both long-lasting and weather resistant. The longer your window stand up against weather issues, the safer you’ll be.

4. Aesthetic Appeal

While it can be difficult to change the basic appearance of your windows without remodeling, you can invest in windows that are much better-looking when it comes time to replace them. One of the most important benefits of replacement windows is getting rid of windows that are cracked, stained, and otherwise dirty and replacing them with something brand new.

This is why it’s generally advised that you buy replacement windows before putting an older home on the market. Your windows are an important part of your home’s exterior, and poor quality windows can affect a house’s value.

When selecting the best replacement windows, remember: it’s not just about saving money. It’s about investing in windows that will protect and brighten your home for years to come.

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