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Routine maintenance and inspection of your home’s windows is an essential job responsibility of any homeowner. These issues that present themselves may be difficult to detect without a professional. Over time, the quality of your windows will deteriorate and you will need to invest in replacement windows. Here are some signs it’s time for window replacement.


Leaking Windows


Windows that are leaking and are letting in water can present many problems. One of these problems includes water damage to your wall surrounding the window. Replacement windows will be necessary if this is the case. Simply fixing the wall damage will not prevent the problem from happening over and over again. Seeking out a professional to help you in choosing the best option for replacement windows will allow you to alleviate the root cause of the issue.


Poor Window Operation


As a homeowner, you will want to inspect how your windows are operating. Regular window operation should work smoothly and with minimal effort. If you have windows that cannot be opened or require a lot of pressure, you will need to seek out replacement windows. If your windows close suddenly or do not stay open, you will also want to seek out replacement windows from a professional installer.


Higher Energy Bills


If your windows are not working properly or are experiencing issues, you may have noticed a rise in your energy bills. This may be due to issues associated with your windows. Proper inspection of your windows by a professional can help to determine what damage to you window has been done. Up to 30% of the energy used to heat a home is lost through the windows. Replacement windows can help to make your heating and cooling systems more efficient.


Age-Related Issues


Older homes, especially those with older wood windows, need to be inspected before a home renovation or home remodeling project. Homes that are purchased for home renovation projects are often prone to chipping, cracks, or windows that are in desperate need of maintenance and updates. The benefits of quality replacement windows for older homes extend further than just visual appeal. They can also help with heating and cooling costs, as well as prevent any further damage during the home remodel.


Drafty Windows


If you are feeling a draft in your home, you may have noticed that it is coming from the window. However, drafts can also occur from doors. If you are feeling a draft, it is necessary to have an inspection of your windows and doors. Replacement windows can help to eliminate drafts, as well as help with heating and cooling costs.


Condensation or Cracks


Cracks and condensation on your windows means that replacement windows are necessary. Condensation is when a build up of water cannot evaporate properly. Cracks can also lead to excess water build up inside your window or inside your home. These issues will require replacement windows installed by a professional to get your windows back in running order.


One of the many responsibilities of a homeowner is to ensure proper routine maintenance of windows and doors. Windows are prone to issues, so regular inspection is essential. Quality replacement windows and doors will help keep your home in running order.

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