replacement windows and doors

Do you know when it’s time to upgrade your home with replacement windows and doors? Many property owners avoid making this upgrade because new doors and windows can be expensive, particularly if you’re upgrading the entire home at once. But making this upgrade can save you money in time, and that investment will be returned to you many times over. So is your home ready for this upgrade? The answer is yes.


Why You Need Replacement Windows and Doors


When is the best time to replace your windows? There are several answers to this question. You need to consider getting replacement windows and doors if they are more than 10 years old, if they are made with outdated technology, and if there is damage to them. Older or inferior windows and doors actually cost you a lot of money in utility bills.


Perform a simple test to find out if your windows and doors are letting the air out of or into your home. Wait for a windy day. Fill a spray bottle with water and a little bit of liquid soap to make a soapy solution. Now, spray this solution all around the frame of the windows and doors you want to check. Look for bubbles to appear both inside and outside. If they do, then you know that you’ve got air leaks and that means you need to start looking into getting replacement windows and doors. The soapy solution can simply be wiped away with some plain water after you conduct your tests.


Air leaks mean that money is literally leaking out of your home every single time you turn on the heater or the air conditioner. Wood windows are especially prone to developing cracks and shrinking over time, which creates costly air leaks. If you’re thinking about replacement windows and doors, consider vinyl windows that aren’t as susceptible to the weather as wood windows.


Considering Residential Window Replacement Options


When it’s time to think about replacement windows and doors, your best option is an energy-saving design. This will give you more bang for your buck and save you more money over time. New windows will lower your energy bills right away. The U.S. EPA estimates that you can save as much as $501 a year simply by upgrading old single-pane windows to a new Energy Star model.


Single-pane windows, the type that is most commonly present in homes built before the mid-1990s, are extremely inefficient. Upgrading your windows to double-pane designs will save you lots of money on your utility bills. If you’re buying replacement windows anyway, make sure you’re buying windows that are going to save you the most money. Upgrading windows from single pane to double pane will increase your property value, so this is an investment that will pay off in a number of different ways.


Another benefit of double pane windows is soundproofing. It’s harder to hear thought two panes of glass than one, right? You’ll hear less outside noise, and the outside world will hear you less. Your replacement windows and doors won’t just upgrade your home. They will upgrade your entire quality of life if you choose the right design.

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