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Neighborhoods across the U.S are roaring with power tools as homeowners rush to complete their renovations. Over 70% of American households say they have started a home improvement project within the last 12 months. The replacement door may be the icing on the cake for your remodeling project.

Your door has a bigger effect than just aesthetics. Replacing your front entrance may help improve your home’s energy efficiency. Additionally, you may significantly increase the value of your home while keeping your property safe.

Here are critical factors to consider when picking out replacement doors for your renovation project.

1. Door Frame Material

Your material of choice may have a significant impact in defining the overall beauty and functionality of your doors. Exterior doors need to be the sturdiest doors in the house, making wood and steel doors excellent options. Additionally, the front door needs to make a statement. Wooden doors provide a timeless elegance. However, they may require additional care, including regular staining and painting to keep them in mint condition.

Fiberglass doors are a popular option for humid climates as they can withstand changing weather conditions. It also presents excellent insulation properties, expanding and contracting at the same rate as the sliding glass door it holds. Vinyl frame doors are virtually maintenance-free and are the most economical option for most homeowners.

2. Style and Design

Interior and exterior doors come in different styles, colors, and patterns. It can be overwhelming to try to sort out the different choices available. Pick out replacement doors that will match your home’s overall theme after completing the remodeling project.

Interior doors can have a sliding, flush, pocket, or folding mechanism. Barn doors provide a more rustic feel, excellent for a traditional look. French doors accommodate a glass panel that compliments their beauty. The glass may help let in natural light into your home.

As you think of how to set the right mood and tone for your remodeling project, you may need to factor in the functionality of your doors. The door style you choose shouldn’t overshadow its energy efficiency or security. Glazing on your door glass can help enhance the privacy in your home. Pick out a pattern that matches your home design.

3. Door Products and Accessories

Milgard doors distributors stock a variety of fixtures and fittings that you can use to accentuate your doors. The detailing on your handle may have a profound effect on the aesthetics of the door. Bronze or wrought iron handles may help bring out a more rustic feel to complement your style. A stainless steel doorknob is a popular option for a modern look.

Moreover, you may have to think about the locking mechanism. The door locks you pick should match the local forced entry codes. Standard keyed entry locks may have a tubular or Mortoise lockset.

4. Security

Your newly remodeled home is an inviting target for burglars. Do you have the right security measures in place? Replacing your front entrance may provide a great opportunity to install top-grade doors with high-security locks. You must also ensure that they have the necessary resistance against weather, pests, and fire.

Given that you’ve invested a significant amount of money on your new replacement doors, keep them protected from damage caused by weather conditions and normal wear and tear through regular maintenance.

A new set of doors for your home may be all you need to complete your home renovation project. Take time to analyze the style, aesthetics, and functionality of the different door types and their accessories. All American Door Inc. can help you pick out the right replacement doors for your remodeling project.

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