vinyl frame doors

Nowadays, there are so many choices for building materials. Because of that, even the simplest of choices can end up being quite overwhelming because of the endless pool of things to choose from. This applies to something as innocuous as door frames. There are several materials to choose from when it comes to doorframes. You can either pick from wood, fancy fiberglass or vinyl. Since about 70% of households in the United States are single-family homes, you will want to choose a material that you would like to use throughout the whole house.

However, out of all the available materials, wood and vinyl remain the most used. These two are considered the best by most when it comes to performance. However, vinyl and wood both carry their different sets of advantages and disadvantages.


Vinyl is the most used material when it comes to framing doors and windows. There are several reasons why this material has become so popular. Vinyl is known for its impressive performance and also the fact that it doesn’t require any maintenance. This is why it’s regarded by most as an energy-efficient choice for framing choices.

Usually, the vinyl used on door frames is PVC combined with UV stabilizers. This combination makes it quite stable and durable. The frames made from vinyl are rigid and have a multi-chamber profile. This is what contributes to the insulation properties and also the remarkable strength and resistance.

The frame and sash corners of vinyl door frames are usually welded. This creates a water-tight seal that is almost impervious to weather damage. Apart from all these benefits, vinyl also tends to be a highly cost-effective choice.


Wood has been the standard material for door framing for a long time. There are several factors that set it apart. Wood is warm, and it brings a natural feeling to rooms. It also comes in many types and finishes. This means that you can use it to suit any style. Just like vinyl, wood has an impressive thermal performance.

Unlike vinyl frame doors, wood requires a bit of maintenance. For instance, you will need to do some occasional painting or staining. Fortunately, this is not difficult work. However, it’s still more maintenance than you would need if it were vinyl. Apart from the maintenance issue, wood is also susceptible to termites and rot. Some companies that manufacture wooded door frames place cladding on the outside to help combat these issues. However, this will sacrifice the natural appeal of wood.

When it comes to vinyl frame doors versus wood, both types offer great energy efficiency and performance. However, if you are looking for a more cost-effective and minimal maintenance option, vinyl frame doors are the way to go.

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