The Latest Trends in Windows and Doors

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When it comes to homes and other properties, one of the biggest decisions you’ll have to make is deciding what windows and doors to use. The right custom doors and windows could make a property stand out and may provide many utilitarian benefits as well. We’ll take a gander at some of the most important trends with windows and doors and how the right selections could help improve your property.

Windows and Doors Are Helping to Keep Utility Prices Down

Did you know that, according to the Office of Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy, roughly 30% of a home’s heating energy escapes through the windows? This means you’ll have to spend a lot more energy, and thus money, to keep a home warm. In warm climates, sunlight entering the home through windows can raise temperatures as well, meaning you’ll have to spend more to keep a building cool.

The good news is that homeowners and other property owners can select windows and doors that are designed to keep heat in, or conversely, to keep heat out. The right windows can provide extra insulation, reducing how much energy goes in or out of the home. This makes it easier and cheaper to keep the home at a comfortable temperature.

Energy-efficient windows and doors have become one of the key trends in recent years. They can help pay for themselves by lowering utility costs. Additionally, potential buyers will appreciate the cost savings, so a home might fetch more if it hits the market. Further, such doors and windows can also improve your environmental footprint, which is wonderful in and of itself.

Custom Doors and Windows Are Becoming More Common

In the past, “custom” often meant expensive. However, these days, you can purchase custom windows and doors at a relatively affordable price. This means you can create more unique spaces and styles. As a result, more property owners are opting for custom doors and windows.

Many people want to avoid cookie-cutter homes. Having a unique house helps lead to better impressions and can also greatly improve property values. As a result, even if custom doors and windows cost a bit more, they can still be a great financial investment. These custom units can also be fashioned to be energy efficient.

Interested in custom doors and windows? Contact All American Door, Inc today, and we’ll be happy to discuss the latest trends in more detail. The right doors and windows might be just what your property needs.

Why You Need to Keep Your Windows in Top Shape

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Your home’s windows face tough elemental conditions day in and day out. From sweltering sun to pounding rain and hail, they take a beating while protecting your indoor space. Without proper care and maintenance, your windows can succumb to damage and become less efficient and attractive over time. Don’t let small issues go unaddressed. Staying on top of essential window care ensures your windows continue delivering optimal performance, savings, and visual appeal.

Boost Energy Efficiency

Old, poorly maintained windows allow valuable heated and cooled air to escape outside. This forces your HVAC system to work harder, driving up energy bills. By keeping your window seals and weatherstripping in good condition, you prevent drafts that create waste. Replacing old, inefficient windows with new energy efficient models is another smart option. But even existing windows can be optimized to function better. According to the Office of Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy, roughly 30% of a home’s heating energy is lost through its windows. Having a professional window company identify and fix air leaks will improve efficiency. Proper insulation and sealing save you money monthly.

Improve Appearance

When dirt, grime, and buildup accumulate on glass and frames, it detracts from your home’s aesthetics substantially. Make cleaning inside and out at least twice per year non-negotiable. For stubborn mineral deposits or paint splatter, rely on a window company’s professional cleaning abilities. Also, inspect windows for any cracked glass, flaking paint, or rotting wood that makes them an eyesore. Addressing these issues through cleaning or replacement improves clarity, sunlight, and appeal.

Enable Proper Functioning

Windows subject to constant opening and closing can become loose and faulty over time. If they stick, don’t seal properly, or have failing hardware, don’t ignore these things. Contact a window company to assess all mechanisms and ensure smooth and reliable operation. Lubricating hinges, replacing worn weatherstripping, or adjusting sashes and balances will make windows work like new. Take action before problems worsen into costly window replacements.

By making window care a priority with the help of a professional window company, your windows will keep delivering superb performance, savings, and style for many years to come. If the time has come to replace your windows, turn to All American Door, Inc. Call now for a free estimate.

Increasing Curb Appeal With Front and Patio Doors

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You want strong, functional doors that can protect your home. While doors are a major part of home security, they also add to your home’s beauty. With upgrades such as a Milgard patio door, here are ways front and patio doors add to your curb appeal.


Have fun with material options when upgrading your front and patio doors. According to Conserve Energy Future, vinyl material can withstand recycling eight times. A vinyl door can be heavily customized since it comes in a range of colors and is also easy to paint. If you decide to change your home theme, you may upgrade your home with the power of metal by way of aluminum doors. These materials offer powerful durability against the elements to ensure they look beautiful for decades.


Your front and patio doors don’t have to be boring colors, especially a Milgard patio door. Even if your home exterior is painted with a neutral color, you could use your doors to kick your color scheme up a notch while remaining in HOA compliance. For example, have a white or beige house, but have fun with a bold green door and trimmings. Enjoy a bright color out front or a separate bright color on your patio door.


Keep your doors clean to resist the growth of mold and mildew. Whether you wipe your doors down yourself or hire power washing services, clean doors add to your overall curb appeal. After all, regardless of exterior paintwork or materials used, it can become unsightly when you allow dirt and grime to build up.

Functional Accessories

Once you install your new front door or Milgard patio door, you can further enhance it with functional accessories. What are functional accessories? They can range from something as static as door awnings that provide regular shade from sun or wet weather to new hardware. You could also decorate your door with wreaths and flowers, and illuminate the entranceway with lights.

Don’t underestimate the value a beautiful door can bring to your home. Whether it’s your front door or Milgard patio door, these doors can add color, style, and material contrast to your home. For a range of doors from a quality company, contact us today at All American Door, Inc for a consultation.

How to Select the Best Material for Your Windows


As spring arrives, it’s time to do home upgrades. Thanks to advancements in window manufacturing, you have a range of choices to consider. When it’s time for new windows, here are tips for selecting the best material.


More Americans are aware of their impact on the environment. If you pride yourself on being ecologically responsible and living in a green home, you may want to show that in your window choice. According to Conserve Energy Future, vinyl material can be recycled as many as eight times. Fiberglass is another popular recyclable material. Thanks to trees, wooden windows are also renewable and have use beyond their window lifespan.


Having the wrong windows can affect your energy efficiency. You want strong ones that could prevent heat loss any time of year. If you still have single-pane windows, you have the least efficient option. By upgrading to double-pane options, you’ll have much better insulation in your home and can save on your electric bills.


A window can come in a range of styles. They can slide or open vertically. French style allows them to open on a hinge resembling double doors. Remember your windows are visible from both inside and outside your home, so the style that you pick has a major effect on your overall home theme and design.


You want windows that can withstand the elements. In addition to your normal windows, you may want to get protective storm windows if you live in an area prone to hurricane damage. The high design pressure requirements for storm windows change based on the area you’re in. Therefore, some of the highest design pressure requirements for such windows are in places like Miami, FL. When it comes to your standard windows, vinyl is great for resisting corrosion as well as hungry insects. According to Bob Vila, fiberglass windows can last over 50 years, as long as they have a solid installation.

You have many options when picking the ideal windows for your home update. Pick ones in your preferred style and the level of durability you need for your climate. You can consider popular and strong materials like aluminum, vinyl, or fiberglass. Contact us at All American Door, Inc today for more information about replacement windows. We look forward to assisting you with your home upgrade this year.