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Your home’s windows face tough elemental conditions day in and day out. From sweltering sun to pounding rain and hail, they take a beating while protecting your indoor space. Without proper care and maintenance, your windows can succumb to damage and become less efficient and attractive over time. Don’t let small issues go unaddressed. Staying on top of essential window care ensures your windows continue delivering optimal performance, savings, and visual appeal.

Boost Energy Efficiency

Old, poorly maintained windows allow valuable heated and cooled air to escape outside. This forces your HVAC system to work harder, driving up energy bills. By keeping your window seals and weatherstripping in good condition, you prevent drafts that create waste. Replacing old, inefficient windows with new energy efficient models is another smart option. But even existing windows can be optimized to function better. According to the Office of Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy, roughly 30% of a home’s heating energy is lost through its windows. Having a professional window company identify and fix air leaks will improve efficiency. Proper insulation and sealing save you money monthly.

Improve Appearance

When dirt, grime, and buildup accumulate on glass and frames, it detracts from your home’s aesthetics substantially. Make cleaning inside and out at least twice per year non-negotiable. For stubborn mineral deposits or paint splatter, rely on a window company’s professional cleaning abilities. Also, inspect windows for any cracked glass, flaking paint, or rotting wood that makes them an eyesore. Addressing these issues through cleaning or replacement improves clarity, sunlight, and appeal.

Enable Proper Functioning

Windows subject to constant opening and closing can become loose and faulty over time. If they stick, don’t seal properly, or have failing hardware, don’t ignore these things. Contact a window company to assess all mechanisms and ensure smooth and reliable operation. Lubricating hinges, replacing worn weatherstripping, or adjusting sashes and balances will make windows work like new. Take action before problems worsen into costly window replacements.

By making window care a priority with the help of a professional window company, your windows will keep delivering superb performance, savings, and style for many years to come. If the time has come to replace your windows, turn to All American Door, Inc. Call now for a free estimate.

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