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The summer heat can be hard to beat, especially if you don’t want to be running your air conditioning unit all hours of the day and night. There are other things you can do to keep cool besides working your air conditioner too hard. Here are some things you can to do keep your house cool all summer.

Keep an eye on your patio doors

Drafty patio doors can let a ton of air in/out of your house. This means that if you’re running the air conditioner and your patio doors are drafty, all your cool air is probably escaping outside. Make sure you inspect them and their seals regularly. You also want to make sure they are closed all the way. This goes for your french doors and entrance doors as well.

Cover up your windows

Vinyl windows for a home, and even wood windows, will let in a lot of natural light. This is normally a great thing until that natural light is what is heating your home to uncomfortable temperatures. During the day, you should keep your shades drawn so your house doesn’t get hotter than it needs to. It also helps to get black-out shades to really block the outside light from coming in.

Be creative with your landscaping

You may be thinking, “what does my landscaping have to do with the temperature inside my house?” Well, according to the American Public Power Association, landscaping can actually reduce air conditioning use by up to 50% by shading the windows and walls of your home. Plant some trees and bushes to provide shade for your home so you don’t overheat this summer.

Watch how you use your appliances

Again, you might think that this tip is weird, but it really does help. When you have to run the dishwasher or dryer in the summer, do it at night. Your appliances throw off a lot of heat when they’re running, only adding unnecessary heat to your home. It also helps to start grilling outside so your oven isn’t making the inside of your house too hot.

If you find yourself sweating even though you’re just sitting on the couch inside your house, try some of these tricks. If your windows and doors are in rough shape, they can make the heat probably even worse. Call us today if you think you need to replace your home’s windows and doors.

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