replacing vinyl windows

Your home’s windows are very important to the function of the overall structure. They allow you to see out and let light into the home. When installed correctly, they also prevent air from leaking out and enhance the security of your residence. They don’t last forever, unfortunately, and replacement windows are often more expensive than homeowners realize. Here are some signs that your windows are on the fritz.

Your energy bills are unusually high

You may notice that your windows are drafty and let a lot of air in. If you stand next to your windows when it’s cold out, it might feel colder than the rest of the house. This may be true in the summertime as well. This means that your heating and cooling unit has to work harder to regulate the temperature of your home, making your energy bills rise. This is especially common in older homes, particularly those with wooden window frames or aging vinyl windows. Replacing vinyl windows for a home with more energy efficient ones that meet the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency/U.S. Department of Energy’s Energy Star program can lower your energy bills by 7% to 15%, according to

You can hear everything outside

When your windows are open, it’s normal for you to be able to hear the cars driving by, the birds chirping, and the kids playing. You should not be able to hear these things when the windows are closed, though. If your windows are “noisy,” then the seals might be breaking down. Replacing vinyl windows is probably the best solution in this case to fix the problem.

You just went through a severe storm

You might live somewhere that is prone to hurricanes or other types of severe weather. When intense storms occur, your windows get hit the worst with damage. Of course, it doesn’t take a hurricane to damage your home’s windows. Repeated exposure to thunderstorms, wind, and ice can cause just as much damage in time. You can invest in residential window replacement and get windows that are less prone to damage, like triple-pane glass windows.

They are hard to open and close

How long do windows last? Well, they last up until it gets really hard to open and close them. This happens when the windows aren’t installed properly, or because they are rusting and rotting with age. The frames can get warped, and then they don’t fit in their place anymore. If you’re getting a daily workout just from opening your windows, it’s time to consider replacing them.

You notice condensation buildup

Do you notice fog or condensation buildup in between the layers of the glass on your windows? If you do, it means that the seals have been compromised. This allows water and moisture to get in between the glass. It could also mean you have a crack in your window that is allowing moisture to get in. Either way, the problem is almost always unfixable, and replacing vinyl windows is easier.

If you notice any of these warning signs in your windows, it’s time to contact window installation contractors. They can replace your vinyl windows so your home is more comfortable, and you can save money month to month.

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