upkeep of vinyl windows

You might not regularly pay attention to the look of your windows, but these often overlooked parts of your home can dramatically impact how your home looks. Worn out windows are not only bad for your home’s energy use, they can make your entire space look older and poorly maintained. Here are just a few tips on the upkeep of vinyl windows that you can use to keep your windows looking great for longer.

Keep Them Clean

Windows can be an easy place for dust to build up, especially if you keep them open during the warmer seasons. While dust and dirt are unlikely to actually cause damage, it can still build up and make your windows look more worn out than they actually are. Keep them clean to let as much light as possible into your home and keep your windows looking great.

Check For Drafts

Have you noticed a corner of your home gets particularly chilly during the winter or hot during the summer? It could be a sign that your windows aren’t doing a great job of keeping air inside your home. Look for any cracks in window frames that might be causing a draft in your home. Additionally, make sure all windows are closing properly after you’ve opened them; a stuck window can cause a draft if it doesn’t shut all the way. Drafts might not seem like a big deal, but they can end up being a significant drain on your energy bill, so it’s best to address them as soon as you find them.

Know When To Replace

Even with proper upkeep of vinyl windows, they’ll eventually need to be replaced. Don’t worry; it’s worth the investment for your home. When you sell your home, window replacement can recoup 73 to 77% of its original cost. If you’ve had some of your windows long enough that your contemporary style vinyl windows don’t match your old ones or if your window is heavily damaged, you’ll need to look into window replacement services near you.

Your windows are a major element of your home’s overall appearance, so taking good care of them is important. If you think it might be time to start looking into replacing vinyl windows, contact All American Door for more information on window replacement services.

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