Milgard patio door

Your patio door sees a lot of wear and tear. It gets used multiple times a day by family and pets going in and out of the house. The elements also take a toll; with sun, rain, and temperature fluctuations putting stress on the door over time. If your patio door is showing any of these signs, it may be time to replace it with a new Milgard patio door.

1. Draftiness or Air Leaks

Feeling cold air or wind coming in from your patio door frame is a telltale sign it needs replacement. No matter how high you crank the heat, drafts from an aging patio door let valuable warm air escape in winter. In summer, air leaks let hot outdoor air seep into your cooled home, making your AC work overtime. Getting a new insulated Milgard patio door installed seals up those gaps.

2. Condensation Between Panes

That foggy look between your patio door panes indicates the seal has broken. This allows warm interior air to interact with the cooler air in the gap, creating condensation. Not only does this look bad, it means your door is no longer energy efficient. Condensation can also lead to mildew and wood rot over time. Upgrading to a new double or triple-pane Milgard patio door provides superior insulation.

3. Difficult to Open

If you struggle and strain every time you try to open or close your patio door, something is wrong. Older doors can become misaligned and rub or drag on the tracks or threshold. A heavy sliding door may start to sag on its rollers over years of use. Choose a new smooth gliding Milgard patio door that opens effortlessly.

4. Safety and Security Issues

An older patio door likely lacks modern safety features like tempered glass, child safety locks, and advanced security systems. Retrofitting these onto an outdated door can be difficult as well. For peace of mind, get a new Milgard patio door that comes fully loaded with safety and security elements built right in.

If your patio door is drafty, fogged up, hard to operate, outdated, or lacking safety features, it’s time for a replacement. Investing in a new energy-efficient, secure Milgard patio door adds value and comfort to your home for years to come. Did you know, that between 2021 and 2027, the windows and doors market is expected to have a 6.2% compound annual growth rate, according to Global Market Insights? Call All American Door, Inc to get an estimate to replace your patio door from a trusted, always-growing company!

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