benefits of vinyl window frames

You may think of windows as fairly simple contraptions: they let light in, they keep rain out, and in the summer, you’ll need a screen to keep bugs at bay. However, while windows may not vary much in function, when it comes to style, window differences abound.


Specifically, customers and homeowners enjoy a wide variety of options when selecting window frame material. Though traditionally made from wood, today’s window frames can be made from a plethora of materials, including vinyl, fiberglass, and aluminum.


Among these options, vinyl stands out as a wildly popular and versatile choice. Read on to learn why so many Americans choose vinyl windows for their home.


Benefits of Vinyl Window Frames


1. Vinyl Windows are Affordable


Though any residential window replacement project comes with associated costs, vinyl window frames are more affordable than other types. In fact, the average cost of vinyl window replacement is $11,319; replacing wood windows costs slightly more with an average expense of $12,229. If you’re looking to save cash on your window replacement job, consider vinyl frames.


2. Vinyl Comes in A Variety of Styles and Colors


Due to their popularity, many suppliers offer a wide variety of looks to choose from in vinyl material. Both traditional and contemporary style vinyl windows are fairly easy to find. Manufacturers also offer many different finishes and colors, so that you can match your window frames with the overall architectural appeal of your home.


3. Vinyl Windows are Durable and Easy to Maintain


Wood windows need to be sanded, painted, and stained every few years, and because they are made of an organic material, wooden frames can be prone to mold and moisture damage. Vinyl frames, however, have no such complications. Simply wipe vinyl windows clean with a damp cloth every now and then, and your frames should last for many years without showing signs of wear.


4. Vinyl Frames are Energy-Efficient


Another one of the many benefits of vinyl window frames is that they can help keep your home warm and eco-friendly. Windows that are drafty can increase your energy bills by between 10 and 25%, but new insulating vinyl frames can keep your home’s energy waste under control. As a bonus, you’ll save money on your utility bills every month!


If you’re shopping for replacement window frames, consider switching to vinyl. From saving you money to saving you time spent on maintenance, vinyl is a clear choice for any efficiency-minded homeowner.

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