moving glass wall systems

If you’re ready to create an open and sun-filled sanctuary in your home, we have some great tips for you. Bringing in more sunlight is a great way to completely change the look of a room and increase a home’s resale value. Many people are unsure of how to go about this type of upgrade, though. Let’s look at some options you can use to create stunning yet easy changes.


When it comes to bringing in more light, you have plenty of options. One way to get more light without changing your home too drastically is by adding skylights. Skylights are windows placed on your roof that allow tons of natural sunlight to flow in. Skylights will not affect the layout of your walls or the exterior of your home in any way. Most people cannot see the skylights from outside either.

Additional Windows

Another option is to simply add additional windows where there are none. Vinyl windows, which were first introduced to the U.S. in 1964, according to the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors, are fairly easy and inexpensive to install. A bonus is that most vinyl windows today also help to increase the energy efficiency in your home. If you want to add more windows in order to create a sun-filled sanctuary, talk with local window experts in your community to choose the best options for your home.

Moving Glass Wall Systems

If you have one room that gets plenty of sunlight and an adjacent room that does not, you might want to consider moving glass wall systems. This allows for there to still be a wall separating rooms, but since it’s made of glass, it allows all of that natural light to flow in. These types of installations should definitely be done by a professional, though. Reach out to a local window expert to learn more about moving glass wall systems.

Decorating Your Sanctuary

Once you have the sunlight flowing in, you’ll want to give some thought to how you’ll decorate your new haven. Using whimsical colors or cooler tones often works great in a sunroom. Furniture should be comfortable and more relaxed in this area of the home. Choose a theme that works well with relaxation and nature.

You can really change your home dramatically by bringing in more natural light. Use these tips to create your sun-filled sanctuary in your home, and contact All American Door today to learn more about how our high-quality products and reliable installation services can help you make a pleasant, sunny space.

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