replacement windows

Replacement windows are one of the best investments you can make. According to Angi, new windows pack a potential return on investment (ROI) of 68.8%, while increasing the safety, energy efficiency, and utility of your home.

Invest in your home’s windows and its future. Get inspired by these popular window trends.

1. Windows with Black Frames

Right now, some of the trendiest replacement windows are windows with black frames. For a long time, all-white or soft, subtle color palettes were the norm. This year, homeowners are pushing back against that with dramatic black frames.

Black frames are versatile, match nearly any home style or decor, and draw the eye to the outdoors, accentuating the view. Windows with black frames work well in contemporary homes, ranch-style homes, and modern farmhouse design.

2. Large, Oversized Windows

For another trend that is taking off this year, remember: it’s all about large statement windows. Homeowners are overwhelmingly choosing windows that start at the floor and go all the way up to the ceiling or windows that take up just about an entire wall.

This introduces as much natural light into your home as possible. Complement the look with a large mirror on the opposite-facing wall and place a table or seating in front of these windows to allow family, friends, and guests to soak in the view.

3. Functional Windows That Reduce Noise

As a final note, remember that the best replacement windows are functional as well. Replacement windows can increase your home’s energy efficiency — something that many homeowners desperately need, given that nearly one-third (30%) of household heating seeps through drafty or inefficient windows. Choose the right materials and windows can easily improve your home’s safety. These are some well-known perks of installing new windows, but did you know some of the newest windows can reduce unwanted noise in and near your home as well?

Talk to contractors about windows’ Sound Transmission Class (STC) and whether the window or windows you have in mind are optimal for significantly reducing noise levels. Noise-reducing windows are especially useful in large cities or for houses located near a highway, airport, or railroad tracks.

For replacement windows that look stylish and serve a greater purpose, consider some of the most popular trends of summer 2021. Nationwide, homeowners are choosing chic, oversized windows with dramatic black frames to boost their home’s appearance and let more natural light inside their homes. Talk to a local contractor if you would like your windows to help reduce noise as well.

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